Parts for Dodge Getrag G360 5 Speed Transmissions
The Getrag G360 is a German made 5 speed fully synchronized, cast-iron case transmission that Dodge used in 1989 to 1993 Ram 250 and 350 series trucks with the Cummins 5.9 liter Turbo charged Diesel engine. At first glance, the G360 looks like a good, strong gearbox, however, in practice, it suffered from severe durability problems. continued below

Bearing and Seal Kits
QU50259 Master Bearing and Seal Kit features A complete set tapered roller bearings made by Timken, NTN, NSK, or Koyo, plus all the needle bearings needed for a total overhaul. QU50259 Getrag G360 Master Bearing and Seal Kit also includes an input seal, countershaft front case seal plug, output seals for both 4x4 and 4x2 applications, and a top cover gasket to complete this compressive Kit. Contains both U.S.A. made and imported components.
QU50316 Taper Bearing and Seal Kit gets you back on the road when only your 5 tapered bearings are worn. Kit includes the same Timken, NTN, NSK, and Koyo tapered roller bearings used with our Master Kit, plus a new input seal, countershaft front case seal plug, output seals for both 4x4 and 4x2 applications, and a top cover gasket. Contains both U.S.A. made and imported components.
QU50375 Needle Kit Includes 1 each of: QU50332, QU50333, QU50334, QU50335, QU50336; and 2 of QU50337. SOLD OUT!
Bearings, Individual Caged Needle
QU50332 1st Gear Needle Bearing
QU50333 2nd Gear Needle Bearing
QU50334 3rd Gear Needle Bearing
QU50335 5th Gear Needle Bearing
QU50336 Reverse Gear Needle Bearing
QU50337 Reverse Idler Bearing. Uses 2 per transmission. Sold Individually.
Bearings, Individual Tapered Roller
QU50326 Input Bearing
QU50327 Input Bearing Cup
QU50328 Pilot Bearing is pressed on the front of the Mainshaft. When the transmission is assembled, this bearing will be contacting the bearing race machined in the back side of the input shaft.
QU50329 Rear Output Bearing
QU50330 Rear Output Bearing Cup
QU50331 Countershaft Bearing and Cup
Case Parts and 4x4 Coupler
Product Note icon Dodge used male spline NP205 input shafts that utilize a coupler with female splines to connect to your Getrag transmission output shaft. These couplers often need replacement due to spline wear as they are not bathed in oil. All our couplers have the locating snap ring(s) installed which insures full spline contact with both the transmission output shaft and transfer case input shaft.  
QU10528 29 Spline Coupler Sleeve for Dodge G360 is used with 1989 to 1993 Dodge Ram W250 and W350 4x4 trucks with the Cummins Turbo-Diesel and Getrag G360 5 speed manual transmission. This Female Spline Coupler transmits power from the 29 spline male transmission output shaft to the 29 spline male NP205 input shaft. The Coupler is grooved in the center for a pre-installed snap ring which keeps the Coupler centered on the two shafts. 
  QU10855 23 Spline Coupler Sleeve for Dodge is used with 1980 to 1993 Dodge Ram W250 and W350 4x4 trucks with the either automatic transmissions or 4 speed manual transmissions. This Female Spline Coupler transmits power from the 23 spline male transmission output shaft to the 23 spline male NP205 input shaft. The Coupler is grooved in the center for a pre-installed snap ring which keeps the Coupler centered on the two shafts.
  No Case Parts in stock at this time  
Countershaft and Countershaft Cluster
QU50309 Countershaft fits inside QU50310 Countershaft Cluster Gear.  Imported.
QU50310 Countershaft Cluster Gear includes a new Countershaft 5th Gear already pressed on and ready to go! Imported.
QU50311 Countershaft 5th Gear 48 tooth. Imported.
QU50318 Top Cover Gasket
TK10519 Getrag G360 4x4 Transmission to NP205 Transfer Case Adapter Gasket. Made in U.S.A.
QU10147 Back-Up Light Switch Gasket is used with QU10521 reverse light switch.
Input Shaft
QU50104 Input Shaft A new input shaft is needed with almost every G360 rebuild due to wear and pitting of the integral pocket tapered bearing cup machined in the output side of the gear. Limited Supply!
Mainshaft and Mainshaft Gears
QU50305 29 Spline 4x4 Mainshaft for all 1989-1993 Dodge W250 and W350 4x4 trucks with Cummins Diesel engines and Getrag 5 speed manual transmissions
QU50306 4x2 Mainshaft for all 1989-1993 Dodge D250 and D350 4x2 trucks with Cummins Diesel engines and Getrag 5 speed manual transmissions
QU50308 Mainshaft 5th Gear
QU50303 Mainshaft 3rd Gear 30 Tooth
  No Manuals Available at This Time  
QU10521 Dodge Getrag G360 Back-Up Light Switch replaces your broken stock switch.
QU90003 Anaerobic Sealant is the recommended gasket sealant for sealing the Front Bearing Retainer to G360 Transmission Case and G360 Main Case to Tailshaft Housing. 1.69 oz.

Please refer to QU90003 page for more details and ordering information.

QU90005/QU90006 RTV Sealant Use to seal the 6 bolt PTO cover to the Main Case.

Please refer to QU90005/QU90006 page for more details and ordering information.

QU50286 Input Seal
QU50287 4x4 Output Seal
QU50317 4x2 Output Seal
QU50321 Countershaft Front Case Seal
Small Parts
QU50279 Countershaft Shim Kit
QU50280 Mainshaft Shim Kit
Getrag G360 Countershaft Snap Ring QU50281 Countershaft Snap Ring
QU50297 Speedometer Drive Gear
QU50314 Speedometer Spacer
Synchronizers and Synchronizer Parts
  QU50319 1st or 2nd Synchronizer Ring NO LONGER AVAILABLE
QU50320 Synchronizer Ring for 3-4-5, and Reverse
QU50298 Synchronizer Sliding Clutch Collar Use to replace the sliding clutch on either the 3-4 or 5-R Synchronizer.
QU50302 3-4 Synchronizer Assembly
QU50304 1-2 Synchronizer Assembly
QU50307 5-R Synchronizer Assembly
QU50283 Synchronizer Pressure Piece Set
Top Shift Cover Parts
QU50322 Rebuilt Top Cover Assembly




QU50299 1-2 Shift Fork
QU50300 3-4 Shift Fork
QU50301 5-R Shift Fork
QU50312 Top Cover Pin Your Getrag G360 transmission has two of these pins screwed into the shift tower to keep your shift lever from rotating. Sold individually, so order two pins per transmission.
QU50313 Top Cover Spring Limited Supply
  Rear Output Yoke  
(Continued from top of page). The typical Getrag will usually last between 75,000 and 125,000 miles between rebuilds. Certainly, some went far more than that, but for most of these vintage trucks, you can expect to rebuild or replace the transmission 2 or 3 times over the life of the engine.

Most G360 failures can be attributed to one or more of four major causes: lubrication issues, engine torque, and heat from long-distance driving, and clutch pilot bushing wear. Dodge owners manuals recommended 5w30 motor oil. While we have been unable to find a suitable high-pressure lube for this application, experience has shown switching to a synthetic 5w30 has beneficial effects as does adding no more than one quart of additional oil. The G360 would have been a great transmission behind a V8 gas motor, but from an engineering standpoint, it is marginal for the torque of the stock Cummins Diesel. Generally with manual transmissions, the model number indicates the torque rating of the unit so you can make your own conclusions about the 420 lb-ft torque of the Cummins. Heat generated from long-distance, high-speed trailer towing combined with the pre-load on the bearings will significantly hasten bearing wear. Lastly, Dodge used a thin-wall bronze clutch pilot bushing in the Cummins flywheel. These bushings have a tendency to wear quickly. A worn pilot bushing will not keep the transmission input shaft centered with the crankshaft or keep it in alignment with the transmission Mainshaft. Result? Increased wear on the transmission bearings and gears, plus possible erratic clutch performance.

Many trucks with G360s' were retrofitted with the New Venture NV4500HD 5 speed which debuted in 1994 Dodge trucks. We were one of the pioneers with this conversion, doing our first one in 1996. Installing a brand-new 4500 with our Torque KingĀ® Mainshaft set was a great match with these first generation trucks and it still is, but the economics of putting that much money into an aged truck makes rebuilding the G360 much more sensible and cost effective than it was in previous years. Rebuilding your G360 will extend the life of your truck without the expense of doing a conversion. We offer a full line of aftermarket replacement parts to keep your hard-working Dodge on the job. Unless otherwise noted, our G360 parts are imported from India or Taiwan.