TK50119 NP205 Input Bearing


TK50119 Torque King® NP205 Transfer Case Small Bore Input Ball Bearing for all GM 10 spline, Dodge 23 spline, and GM 27 spline direct-mount NP205 Transfer Cases. Maximum Capacity, original equipment quality Radial Ball Bearing has 10 balls for handling the heaviest input loads. Case to Housing Snap Ring is included. Made in USA or Canada.

NP205 Small Bore Input Ball Bearing
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tech note

The bearing terms "Maximum Capacity" and "Deep Groove" refer to the number and method of inserting the bearing balls during bearing manufacture. Maximum Capacity Bearings have a loading slot in each raceway which allows the maximum number of balls to be inserted between the raceways. This increases the radial load capacity of the bearing to the maximum, but it lowers the amount of thrust load the bearing can take compared to the Deep-Groove type bearing which has less radial capacity but greater thrust capacity due to the deeper, uninterrupted raceway grooves. To handle thrust loads from the driveshaft's, NP205 Transfer Cases use Deep Groove Ball Bearings such as our TK50105 for Remote Mount Input Shafts and both Output Shafts. TK50119 Input Bearing is a Maximum Capacity type Bearing as there is no external thrust load imposed on the input shaft by the transmission output shaft. Do not use Deep Groove type bearings on direct mount NP205 input shafts! See Tech Article NP205 Ball Bearings.