QK1103 NV4500 1-2 Synchro Lock Ring Kit


QK1103 NV4500 1-2 Synchro Lock Ring Kit includes the 4 lock rings used with the 1-2 synchronizer assembly.QK1103 fits all 1992-2007 New Venture NV4500 5 speed manual transmissions.  Included in QK1010 Small Parts Kit. Made in U.S.A.

1-2 Synchro Lock Ring Kit
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tech note

The New Venture NV4500 5 speed transmission uses a triple cone synchronizer design for 1st and 2nd gears. It is advisable, but not required you replace QU10014 Inner Steel Rings and QU10015 Outer Steel Rings at the same time you replace QU10002 Center Friction Rings. To reuse QU10014 and QU10015 Rings, the condition of the friction surfaces on those rings must be good. If the polished steel finish is pitted, scored, or heat discolored (bluish color), you should replace them.

tech note

Matching Parts for QK1103 1st-2nd Synchronizer Snap Ring Kit:
QU10038 1-2 Synchro Hub
QU10081 1-2 Synchro Slider
QK1100 Synchro Strut Kit
QU10014 Synchronizer Ring, Inner Steel
QU10015 Synchronizer Ring, Outer Steel
QU10002 Syncchronizer Ring, Center Friction
QU10075 39 Tooth Mainshaft 1st Gear
QU10035 37 Tooth Mainshaft 2nd Gear
QU90020 NV4500 Manual Transmission Oil
TM1003 NV4500 Shop Manual
V1003DVD NV4500 Overhaul Video

tech note

Included and optional parts for Main Case Small Parts Kits

Component Part
Sub Kit QU10221
Basic Kit

Main Case Kit
Less Shims
Master Kit

With Shims
 Master Countershaft
 Shim Kit
 Basic Countershaft
 CS Shim Kit
QU10008B    √   NR
 Master Mainshaft
 Shim Kit
 Basic Mainshaft
 Shim Kit
QU10009B    √   NR
 Snap Ring
 Reverse Clutch 
QU10300 QK1102  √  √  √
 Snap Ring
 3rd Gear
QU10301  QK1102 √   √  √
 Thrust Washer
 3rd Gear
QU10302 QK1104   √   √
 Thrust Washer
 Reverse Gear
QU10303 QK1104    √  √
 Thrust Washer
 5th Gear
QU10304 QK1104   √   √
 (4) Snap Rings
 1-2 Synchro
QU10305 QK1103  √  √  √
 Snap Ring, 1st
 Design CS 5th
QU10306 QK1102 √   √**  √
 (4) Synchro
 Strut 1st-2nd
QU10307 QK1100    √  √
  (9) Synchro
 Strut R, 3, 4
QU10308 QK1099   √   √
 (9) Synchro
 Spring R, 3, 4
QU10309 QK1099    √
 (2) Key, Gear
QU10310 QK1129  √  √** √ 
 Pin, 5th Gear
 Shift Lug
QU10311 QK1109    √ √ 
 Snap Ring, 2nd
Design CS 5th
QU10312 QK1102  √  √  √
 Spacer, Teflon
 3rd Gear
QU10313 QK1098 √   √ √ 
 Spacer, Teflon,
 Reverse Gear
QU10314 QK1098  √*  √  √
 (2) Thrust Washer
 Reverse Idler
QU10315 QK1101  √  √
 Pin, Solid Rev &
 5th Thrust Washer
QU10316 QK1110    √  √
 (2) Pin, 5th Gear
w/Mushroom Head 
QU10317 QK1109   √  √ 
 (4) Synchro
 Spring 1st-2nd
QU10318 QK1100    √  √
 Snap Ring, Rear
 Bearing GM 4x2
 Snap Ring, 4x2
 Speedo Gear
 Dodge NV4500HD
 (4) Block, Shift
 Inhibit 1992-1994
QU10331 QK1085      
 Spring, Shift
 Inhibit 1992-1994
QU10332 QK1085      
 Spring, Shift
 Inhibit 1992-1994
QU10333 QK1085      
 Shift Pad Kit, Early
 Reverse Fork
 Shift Pad Kit, Late
 Reverse Fork
*Has metal instead of Teflon Spacer
**Included with QA1174, NOT included with TKA1179
tech note

Lubricants, Sealants, Threadlockers:
Early production NV4500 Transmissions used an anaerobic sealant (QU90003) to seal between the main case and input bearing retainer, top cover, and rear housing. Mid-production units used anaerobic sealant just on the input retainer and RTV for everything else. Later production transmissions used black RTV Sealant (QU90006 or QU90005) for everything. Either type of sealant works fine (except the PTO covers ALWAYS should be sealed with RTV), but I prefer RTV for all components. Regardless of which sealant you use, make sure excess sealant does not block the lube access hole at the top of input retainer pilot that fits into the transmission case. Also, the threaded holes in the main case for the four retainer bolts and 12 PTO bolts are open ended, so you must use new bolts with factory applied threadlocker or apply Threadlocker (S24200) to your existing bolts to prevent oil seepage past the bolt threads. See my TM1003 NV4500 Shop Manual or V1003DVD NV4500 Overhaul Video for more information.

Lubricant and Chemical List for NV4500 Transmissions
QU90020 NV4500 Manual Transmission Oil
QU90003 Anaerobic Sealant
QU90006 3.35 oz Ultra Black RTV Sealant
QU90005 0.5 oz Ultra Black RTV Sealant
S24200 6ml Threadlocker
S9978 1 gram Threadlocker
QU90003 Anaerobic Sealant
QU90006 3.35 oz Ultra Black RTV Sealant
QU90005 0.5 oz Ultra Black RTV Sealant
S24200 6ml Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker
S9978 1 gram Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker
S9979 1 gram High Strength Red Threadlocker
S24026 High Temperature Threadlocker for Mainshaft Nut

tech note

Need Torque Specs or Rebuild procedures? Order my 116 page, full color illustrated NV4500 Rebuild Manual.

You will need some special tools to correctly service your NV4500 Transmission. The chart below lists our current NV4500 Special Tools for popular models.


Component 23 Spline
Dodge 4x4
29 Spline
Dodge 4x4
30 Spline
Dodge 4x2
31 Spline
Dodge 4x2
32 Spline
GM 4x4
35 Spline
GM 4x2
Mainshaft Nut QT2002 QT2001
QT2002 QT2001
1-1/2" Hex
Mainshaft Holding NLA QT2000 NLA QT2011 N/A N/A
5th Gear Nut
Torx® Cross Bolt
N/A QT9205 N/A QT9205 N/A N/A
Output Seal Installer N/A QT1801 N/A QT2058
Not Used Not Used
Tailshaft Bushing Remover and Installer Not Used Not Used Not Used QT2044 Not Used Not Used


Front Bearing Cup Installer
QT1802 Use with QT1101 or QT1119 Driver Handle. Also can use flat side to install Dodge 4x4 Rear Output Seal
Countershaft Front Bearing Installer QT2004 Can also use to press 3-4 Synchro Hub on original equipment mainshafts
Input Bearing & Countershaft Rear Bearing Installer QT2005 Can also use to install Input Seal
Input Bearing Cup Installer QT1801 Use with QT1100, QT1101, QT1116, or QT1119 Driver Handle.
Countershaft Support QT2006 Use to support front of countersahft when installing countershaft rear bearing
1-2 Synchronizer Support QT2008 Use to support 1-2 synchronizer hub during synchronizer assembly
10mm 1/2" Drive 12 Point Socket QT1020 USA Made Impact Socket for Factory Tailshaft Housing Bolts
Long Shank Punch for Shift Lug QT9300 3/16" x 8" Shank for 5th Gear Shift Lug Roll Pin


Chevy and GMC:
1992-2007 All with New Venture NV4500 Transmission

Dodge and Ram:
1992-2005 All with New Venture NV4500 Series Transmissions