QK2038 Ford Remote Mount Transfer Case Mounts


QK2038 Ford Remote Mount Transfer Case Mount Kit fits 1959-1979 Ford F-250 and 1959-1966 Ford F-1004x4 trucks with Dana 24, or New Process NP205 Remote (Divorced) Mount part time transfer cases. Kit includes 4 upper and 4 lower insulators. If you need new mounts for your vintage Ford, you better order now as we have a very limited supply of these genuine original equipment mounts. Country of origin unknown but we believe these genuine new old stock Ford parts are made in either the U.S. or Canada.

Remote Mount Transfer Case Insulator Kit
* Kits made up of multiple items may not show an inventory in-stock status but are almost always in stock!

tech note

 These mounts are designed to be used with a shouldered bolt or steel spacer that will prevent the new insulators from being over compressed.