QK4650 Rear Dana 70 Pinion Yoke Kit for Dodge Ram


QK4650 1410 Series Dana 60 or Dana 70 Rear Pinion Yoke Kit for 1989-1999 Dodge Trucks has all the genuine original equipment replacement parts you need to replace a worn or damaged pinion yoke. Kit includes QU40727 Pinion Yoke with protective dust slinger, QU40097 Pinion Seal, QU40709 U-Joint Strap and Bolt Kit, QU10918 Pinion Nut/Washer, and S9978 Medium Strength Threadlocker. Can also be used to upgrade other late 1960's to late 1990's Dana 60, Dana 61, Dana 70, and Dana 70HD front or rear axles to take 1410 series universal joints. Pinion Yoke Made in India, other parts U.S.A.

Also See QU40727 Pinion Yoke.

29 Spline Dana 60 and Dana 70 Rear Pinion Yoke Kit

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tech note

QU40727 Pinion Yoke takes external snap ring type universal joints made to Spicer 1410 series specifications. The u-joint cup diameter is 1-3/16". The overall u-joint width is 4-3/16". See TK40705 and QU40789 universal joints.

tech note

QK4650 Pinion Yoke Kit Includes:
QU40727 29 Spline Pinion Yoke with Slinger
QU40097 Pinion Seal
QU40709 U-Joint Strap and Bolt Kit
QU10918 Pinion Nut/Washer
S9978 Medium Strength Threadlocker

tech note

Matching Parts for QK4650 Pinion Yoke Kit:
TK40705 and QU40789 1410 Series Universal Joints
QU40898 Detroit 5680 series x 1410 Spicer series Conversion U-Joint for many 1967-1989 Dodge 1 Tons



Dodge Rear Axle:
1989-1993 Cummins Powered Dodge trucks
1994-1999 Ram 2500, Ram 3500 with Dana 60 or Dana 70