QK4769 Spindle Nut Kit for Ford


QK4769 Spindle Nut Kit is a genuine Dana original equipment 3 piece Spindle Nut Set for 1990-1997 Ranger Pickup, 1990-1992 Bronco II, and 1990-1994 Ford Explorer with either Dana 28IFS or Dana 35IFS Front Axles and 27 Spline Manual Locking Hubs. Made in U.S.A.

Kit Includes one each: QU40123 Spindle Nut with Pin, QU40060 Washer, and QU40108 Spindle Nut without pin.

Ford Dana 28, Dana 35 Front Spindle Nut Kit
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tech note

QK4769 Spindle Nut Kit fits spindles with thread diameters of 1-5/8".

tech note

The pin that protrudes from the outboard face of QU40123 Inner Spindle Nut is an anti-rotation device that engages with one of the holes in QU40060 Spindle Lock Washer. Installing the lock washer without having the pin engage one of the holes will either break or bend the pin. Improperly installed nuts and washer sets can back off during vehicle operation and possibly cause the hub and wheel assembly to fall off which may lead to severe injury or death.

tech note

Use with QT1012 or QT1025 Spindle Nut Sockets. The spindle nut tightening procedure and torque specification varies widely depending upon the year and model. Consult a factory shop manual for your vehicle.


1990-1997 Ranger
1990-1992 Bronco II
1990-1994 Explorer