QT1025 Universal Spindle Nut Socket


QT1025 Universal 4 Lug/6 Lug Front or Rear Spindle Nut Socket fits all 6 slot Dana Spicer 50/Model 60 front axles and most 4 slot Dana Spicer Model 30/Model 44 or GM 10 bolt front spindle nuts on Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, IHC, and Jeep front axles. Also fits 1973 to 2011 GM 14 Bolt full float rear axles with 6 hole/slot rear spindle nuts and 2003 to 2011 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks which are equipped with either AAM 10.50" or 11.50" rear axles. Will not work on '85-'96 Ford 1/2 ton models with ratchet type spindle nut. 1/2" drive socket has 4 internal lugs for the lighter axles and 6 external lugs for heavier axles. Made in U.S.A. Not for impact use. Wear safety eye protection!

Universal Front and Rear Spindle Nut Socket
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tech note

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 1:
The spindle nut torque will vary with year and model, refer to the factory shop manual for your vehicle for spindle nut adjustment procedures.

tech note

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 2:
This socket has 2 sets of drive lugs. The inner 4 lug set fit front axles with 1-5/8" thread, 4 slot double spindle net sets (QK4727, QK4770) typically found on Dana 44 and GM 10 Bolt front axles. The 6 outside drive lugs fit 2" thread, 6 slot double spindle nut sets (QK4728) found on some 1977 to 1985 Dana 60 and Dana 50IFS front axles and most 1960's and later GM or AAM full float rear axles with either single or double rear spindle nuts.

tech note

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 3:
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1973-2011 Full Float14 Bolt Rear Axles
1959-1991 All Full Size Blazer, Jimmy, 1/2 ton, and 3/4 ton 4x4 Solid Beam Front Axles
1977-1981 K-30, K-35 1 ton Front Axle

1965-1975 Model 44 Front Axle with Internal Spline Front Wheel Hubs
1980-1993 Ramcharger, Trailduster, W-150, W-250 (gas engine)
1979-1993 Full Float Model 60 or Model 70 Rear Axles equipped with TK4000 Spindle Nut Upgrade Kit
2003-2011 Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 with 10.5" or 11.5" Full Float Rear Axles

1959-1996 Ford Bronco, F-100, F-150, F-250 with Model 30 or 44 Front Axles with double. 4 slot spindle nuts
1978-1985-1/2 F-250, F-350 with Model 60 Front Axles and double, 6 slot spindle nuts

1973-1991 Full Size J-Series

1100 with Model 44 Front Axle and internal spline front wheel hubs