QT1145 Drive Rod


QT1145 Drive Rods for Removing Front Axle Shaft Seals. This item is available separately or in kits that include Seal Removers for common front solid beam axle applications. QT1145 is the long, primary, outer Rod which is used to drive out seals from the short side on most trucks or both the left and right seals on 1988 to 2002 Dodge Ram full size models with vacuum controlled Central Axle Disconnect (CAD) systems. Paired with QT1151, the extension rod that screws onto QT1145, this combination is used to reach the long side inner axle shaft seals. Made in U.S.A. For a kit that includes both rods, see TS4863.

Drive Rod
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tech note

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note:
When it comes time to replace your leaking axle shaft oil seals used on almost in AAM, Dana Spicer and GM solid beam type front drive axles, at least one and in most cases, both axle shaft oil seals will require extensive axle disassembly including removing the differential from the axle housing. Once the axle is disassembled the old seals can be easily removed with our Drive Rods and appropriate remover.