QT2005 Bearing Installer


QT2005 1-5/8" Capacity Bearing Installer for Transmissions and Axles This is our most popular Pinion and Transmission Bearing Installer. QT2005 was originally designed to install the Input Bearings on Dodge and GM New Venture NV4500 transmissions, however it is also perfectly sized to install many other transmission bearings and axle inner pinion bearing on Dana-Spicer Model 60 axles and a number of corporate axles (See Below). Use in conjunction with a hammer or shop press to quickly and easily install press fit bearings without damage. Durable Black Oxide finish. Made by us here in Roberts, Montana out of U.S.A. produced steel.

Inner Pinion and NV4500 Bearing Installer
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tech note

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 1:
This Installer is typically used to drive or press ball or tapered bearings on long transmission input shafts or axle pinion shafts. The bearing inside diameters will typically be between 1.4375" (36.5mm) and 1.625" (41.3mm). Maximum shaft length above installed bearing should not exceed 8.200" (208.3mm).

tech note

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 2:
To help minimize the chance of chipping your gear teeth, always put a clean piece of cardboard between your bench top or press plate when driving or pressing on a bearing. A bearing box works well for this purpose which is to provide a cushion under the hardened steel gear.

tech note

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 3:
Our matching Taper Bearing Numbers are QU10125, QU10137, QU50405, QU50557, and QU50562.



AMC Jeep Model 20 Rear
Chyrsler 8.25" Rear
Dana-Spicer Model 60 and Model 61 Front or Rear
Ford 7.5" Rear
GM 7.5" and 7.625" Rear
GM 8.2" Rear
GM 8.25 IFS Front
GM 8.5" Front or Rear
GM 8.6" Rear
GM 8.875" Rear (both truck and car versions)


(max shaft stickout beyond installed bearing 8.2"):
Borg Warner T18, T19, T98
New Process NP435 (early models with ball bearing
New Venture NV4500, NV4500HD (both GM and Dodge versions)