QT4008 U-Joint Separator Yoke


QT4008 Medium Size U-Joint Separator Yoke is used with a QT1065 series C-frame Press and QT4016 Press Anvil to easily remove universal joints on most common light truck driveshafts and 4x4 front axle shafts. By placing the press force against the u-joint cross or sides of the shaft yoke, the amount of pressure needed to break a cup free is halved and the chances of damaging the yokes is greatly reduced. Works on rusted in or tight fitting u-joints and original equipment Dodge and GM driveshaft u-joints using plastic injected retainers that must be sheared to remove the u-joint from the yoke. Made in U.S.A.

This item has been Discontinued.

tech note

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 1:
QT4008 is made to work on most popular driveshaft and axle shaft universal joints up to 4-3/16" overall width in SUVs and light trucks through 3/4 ton size plus a fair number of u-joint applications for 1 ton to 1-1/2 ton models (especially older ones or CV shafts). For axle shafts, driveshaft u-joints and Double-Cardan CV heads, QT4008 is made to fit these domestic automotive universal joint sizes:
AAM (Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC): 1315 (1-1/16"), 1344 (1-1/8"), 1355 (1-3/16"), 1415 (1-3/16")
Detroit Universal (Dodge): 7260 (1-5/64"), 7290 (1-5/64")
Mechanics: 3R (1-1/8")
Saginaw (Chevy, Dodge, GMC): S44 (1-1/8")
Spicer (All Makes): 1310 (1-1/16"), 1330 (1-1/16"), 1330F (1-1/16"x1.125"), 1350 (1-3/16"), 1410 (1-3/16")

tech note

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 2:
Beginning in the 1970's, many GM and Dodge driveshafts built by GM's Saginaw division or using the Saginaw Double-Cardan CV joint have the original equipment u-joint cups fixed in place by plastic injected into matching grooves machined in the yokes and u-joint cups. To remove these original equipment joints, the plastic retainers must be sheared, which is best done using QT4008 Separator Yoke, a QT1065 series C-frame Press and QT4016 Press Anvil. All the S44 series Saginaw CV joints in 1975-1993 Dodge and 1977 to current GM trucks along with most S44 GM driveshafts from the late 1980's on used the plastic injected retainers as do many other GM shafts of other sizes and some 2003-up AAM built Dodge driveshafts. For SUV and truck applications, the original u-joints can be replaced with conventional u-joints retained by internal c-clips or external snap rings depending upon the yoke type.


Most Automotive and Industrial Universal joints with 1-1/16" to 1-3/16" diameter cups and overall widths of 3" to 3-7/8"