QU10679 NP205 Rubber Case Plug


QU10679U USED NP205 Rubber Case Plug was used on all late 1970's to 1993 NP205 transfer cases to seal the shift fork and interlock pin case access holes. This genuine NPG Plug is sold individually, but Requires 4 per case. QU10679 New No Longer Available Rubber Case Plug

Good Used Rubber Case Plug

tech note

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note:
New Rubber Case Plugs are No Longer Available. QU10679U is a good used Plug which is available while supplies last, or you can use QU50224 Steel Plugs which is what New Process used before the introduction of the rubber Plug

tech note

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 2:
Matching Parts for QU10679 Case Plug:
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QK2017 Stainless Steel Shift Link Pin Set
QU50224 Steel Plug