QU10806 CV Driveshaft Flange Bolt


QU10806 Grade 8 Driveshaft or Transmission Mount Bolt with attached washer. Four of these special Bolts are needed to attach your round or half-round Double-Cardan Constant Velocity front driveshaft flange to the transfer case on 1975-1/2-current full size Dodge 4x4 trucks and 1977-1991 General Motors full size, square body style 4x4 trucks and SUV's. Also used on 1994-2005 Dodge Ram full size trucks to attach the steel transmission mount support plate to the bottom of NV4500 5 speed (2 Bolts) and NV5600 6 speed (4 Bolts) tailshaft housings. QU10806 replaces both early Grade 5 and later Grade 8 Bolts. Made in U.S.A. (Requires 4 per driveshaft.)

This has been superseded to QU11102.

tech note

These application specific bolts differ from common 7/16" Grade 8 bolts by having a taller head and permanently attached concave washer which functions as both a flat washer and lock washer. While it may seem like these features are not worth the substantially higher cost compared to standard bolts, from my perspective as a long-term wrench turner they are. First of all, you have to realize access to these bolts is quite restricted for many applications. The higher head makes it a whole lot easier to keep your 5/8" wrench or socket engaged on the fastener and believe me, mashing your knuckles when your wrench slips off is not much fun. The attached washer eliminates having to fumble around with separate lock washers and flat washers, plus if you are using lock and flat washers and want full thread contact in the transfer case yoke you would need to use a 1/4" longer fastener which means there will be more exposed threads to corrode and strip next time you remove the driveshaft.

tech note

For driveshaft and transmission mount applications, I like to apply Threadlocker to the threads to maximize retention. When used on rear driveshaft center bearing mount, I usually apply Anti-seize compound as these fasteners are often subjected to a lot corrosive road splash.


Full Size Chevy, Dodge, and GMC Front Driveshafts with round or half-round CV driveshaft yokes

Dodge NV4500LD, NV4500HD, and NV5600 Transmission Mount Support Plate to Transmission Bolts