QU11001 New Process, New Venture NV271, NV273 Planetary Assembly


QU11001 6 Pinion Planetary for New Process/New Venture NV271 and NV273 Transfer Cases is a genuine original equipment Planetary assembly with 6 pinion gears. Chevy, Dodge, Ford, and GMC NV271 and NV273 series Transfer Cases all use this part. QU11001 includes the Planetary, 2 QU10572 Thrust Washers, QU11039 Lock Plate, and QU10814 Snap Ring.

QU11001 Fits these New Process and New Venture Transfer Cases:
Chevy/GMC 2004-2009 C4500, C5500 with Remote Mount NV273C
Dodge 2003-current Dodge Ram NV271D, NV273D
Ford Excursion and 1999-2010 Super Duty® with NV271F, NV273F

New Planetary Assembly for NV271, NV273 Transfer Case
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tech note

Lubricate the gear teeth before installation.

tech note

Matching parts for QU11001 Planetary are:
QU10993 Sprocket
QU10900 Planetary Front Thrust Washer
QU10995 Dodge 23 Spline Input Shaft
QU10990 Dodge 29 Spline Input Shaft with Single Row Pilot Bearing
QU11083 Dodge 29 Spline Input Shaft with Double Row Pilot Bearing

tech note

When Ford (1999 models) and Dodge (2003 models) first used NV271 and NV273 transfer cases, New Process Gear (NPG) of East Syracuse N.Y was part of New Venture Gear (NVG). When NVG dissolved, NPG continued on under Chrysler. Chrysler subsequently sold the production rights to Magna, a Canadian automotive parts company. All these name changes are confusing, but the important thing to know is a specific assembly number for any 271F, 271D, 273D, and 273F transfer case is the same and uses the same replacement parts regardless if it was built by New Venture, New Process, or Magna.



Chevy and GMC:
2005-2009 C4500/C5500 Chevy Kodiak and GMC Top Kick 4x4 medium duty trucks