QU11087U Dodge Dana 60, Dana 70 7260 Series Pinion Yoke


QU11087U Used 7260 Series Pinion Yoke for Dodge Dana 60, Dana 70 Axles for 1993 and older Dodge trucks with Dana 60 or Dana 70 axles for Detroit 7260 series universal joints. The few used pinion yokes we have are not in great shape, but if you need a yoke for your old beater Dodge, this is the cheapest way to go. New, direct replacement 7260 series Pinion Yokes are no longer available, but we do have QK4878 new Conversion Pinion Yoke Kits in stock. Please Note: The cart link will not work when this part is out of stock.

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Used 7260 Pinion Yoke for Dodge Dana 60, 70 Axles

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tech note

7260 series pinion yokes and u-joints were originally made by Chrysler's (now defunct) Detroit Universal division. 7260 Series u-joints are retained by internal c-clips that fit against the inside of the yoke ears. Width between the yoke ears is 2-1/8". U-Joint cup diameter is 1.078".

tech note

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