QU20091, QU20092 Dana-Spicer Model 44 Trapezoid King Pin Shims



QU20091 and QU20092 Drivers Side Upper King Pin Trapezoid Knuckle Shims for Dana 44 Front Axles with combination steering arm/king pin having a trapezoid bolt pattern are used to adjust the turning preload for the Drivers Side Steering Knuckle on many 1960's to mid 1970's Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, and International 4x4 trucks with Closed Knuckle Axles (8 Bolt Ball Seal). These special Shims fit between the Upper King Pin Cap/Steering Arm and the drivers Side Steering Knuckle. Due to the expense and scarcity of these shims, we recommend you use only one or two of these shims per vehicle (both to act as a sealing gasket and as part of the overall shim pack) and use additional standard rectangular shims from our QU40773 Shim Set which are placed between the other King Pin Caps and the Steering Knuckles. Our QU20091 and QU20092 Trapezoid Shims are genuine Spicer parts. The approximate length is 3.5" and width is 1.75" Available in 0.005" (QU20091) and 0.010" (QU20092) thicknesses. Made in U.S.A.


0.005" Shim
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0.010" Shim
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tech note

King Pin Caps are shimmed to put the specified turning preload on the bearings. The amount of turning preload on Model 44 axles varies by vehicle and year but is usually in the 5-15 lb.-ft. range measured by a beam or dial type torque wrench (refer to the vehicle manufacturer Service Manual for your specific model specification). Too loose can cause poor steering or "Death Wobble", too tight will lead to rapid bearing failure, broken parts, and possible steering loss. See QK4617 Knuckle Bearing and Shim Kit, QU50627 Knuckle Bearing Cup, and QU50628 Knuckle Bearing.

tech note

Trapezoid shaped shims are used for the drivers side upper King Pin on Dana 44 standard duty closed knuckle front axles with a combination steering arm and upper King Pin that has a trapezoid bolt pattern instead of rectangular. These axles will all also use QU40188 8 Bolt Hemispherical Ball Seals. They are also found on open knuckle front axles in some 1966-1971 Ford applications.



All Dana-Spicer Model 30 or 44 King Pin Axles that have Drivers Side Trapezoid Shaped Upper King Pin Caps