QU20200 Rounded Hex Spindle Nut for Ford F250, F350 Automatic Locking Hubs


QU20200 Special Rounded Spindle Hex Nut is a genuine original equipment replacement Spindle Nut for factory automatic hub equipped 1995 to 1997 Ford F-250 with Dana 50 front axles and 1995-1997 Ford F-350 with Dana 60 front axles. Sold individually. Order two Nuts per vehicle.

Ford F250, F350 Auto Hub Rounded Hex Spindle Nut
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tech note

QU20200 Spindle Nut is ONLY used on axles with Ford factory automatic locking hubs. Order QK4729 if you are replacing your auto hub-locks with manual hubs.

tech note

Wheel Bearing Spindle Nut and Lock Installation for 1995-1997 Ford F250, F350 Auto Hub Locks:
A. Install Nut on Spindle (Both left and right nuts are right hand thread to install, turn clockwise).
B. Use torque wrench and QT1058 socket to Torque QU20200 Nut to 50 lb.-ft. while rotating the wheel hub.
C. Back nut off 1/4 turn and retorque to 25 lb. in. (Note this setting is in INCH pounds!).
D. Locate slot in spindle nut closest to spindle key slot.
E. ADVANCE nut clockwise so the next slot in nut is aligned with left side of spindle key slot.
F. Install QU20201 Key into the nut slot and spindle key way. QU20201 Key MUST be be pushed in until the curved portion of the key is seated in the counter bore machined in the face of QU20200 Nut.

tech note

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1995-1997 F250, F350 with Factory Auto Hubs