QU20263U Ford NP205 Transfer Case Main Case


QU20263U Used Series Main Cases for Ford Direct Mount NP205 Transfer Case Applications are good used, direct mount, bare Main Case castings for 1973-1979 Ford full size 4x4s with New Process NP205 gear drive Transfer Cases that bolted directly to the transmission extension housing. There are two interchangeable versions of these cases. The early production cases have 3/8" case access holes for the interlock rails and shift fork pins, while the later cases have 7/16" holes. Case casting number is C11415.

Good Used Ford NP205 Transfer Case Main Case

This is a USED Item.
It is a good, serviceable part, but it will show evidence of use and may need cleaning or polishing before installation.
It is sold as-is. This item is non-returnable after 30 days.

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tech note

QU20263UE early production Cases have 3/8" Access Holes and require four QU50162 Case Plugs
QU20263UL late production Cases have 7/16" Access Holes and require four QU50224 Case Plugs

tech note

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