QU30085 Synchronized GM NP205 Front Output Shift Fork


QU30085 Front Output Shift Fork is a genuine New Process part for 1982-1986 GM New Process NP205 synchronized, gear drive Transfer Cases in 1 ton Chevy and GMC 4x4s.

Front Output Shift Fork for 1982-1986 Synchronized New Process NP205C Transfer Cases

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tech note

GM was the only vehicle manufacturer to use a synchronized version of the New Process NP205 Gear Drive Transfer Case. It was introduced for the 1982 model year for use with trucks with automatic front locking hubs to allow low speed, shift on the fly 4x4 high range engagement. While a nice idea, functional and reliability problems caused GM to drop the idea. GM parts books show the synchronized case was available from 1982-1985. We have had a few customers with 1986 trucks with them, but they may not be original units. In any case, most specialized new replacement parts for the short lived Synchronized NP205 Transfer Case are either gone or in very short supply.

tech note

The easiest way to tell if you have a synchronized or non-synchronized NP205 is to look at the large, 8 bolt round front output, rear cover on the backside of the main case. With non-synchro cases, there is a through hole in the middle of the aluminum cover in which is pressed the front output, rear support bearing. The steel, 2-1/8" diameter, closed end bearing is easy to see in the center of the cover. Synchronized covers are solid and the 1-7/8" OD open end bearing is not visible to the outside, but you will be able to see the raised, solid area of the casting were the bearing is installed.

tech note

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Chevy and GMC:
1982-1986 K30, K35, K3500 1 Ton with Synchronized NP205 Transfer Cases