QU40050, QU40050U Spicer Hub Spring



QU40050 Spicer Tapered Hub Spring for SUV's, and pickups with Dana Spicer Model 30, Model 44 or GM 10 Bolt front drive axles equipped with internal mount, Spicer lock out hubs or full time drive gears. These springs were used on most of the late 1960's to mid 1980's Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, IHC, and Jeep 4x4s with internal splined front wheel hubs. Made in U.S.A. LIMITED SUPPLY

Also Available While Supplies Last: QU40050U Used Spicer Tapered Hub Spring

Spicer Hub Spring
* Kits made up of multiple items may not show an inventory in-stock status but are almost always in stock!

Spicer Hub Spring, Used
* Kits made up of multiple items may not show an inventory in-stock status but are almost always in stock!

tech note

The large, inboard end of QU40050 Spring rests against QU40035 Cupped Spring Plate. If the plate is damaged, replace it at the same time you replace the spring. QU40035 cup-shaped plates are often installed backwards which will ruin the plate and outer wheel bearing. Install the plate so the FLAT side is towards the spring!

tech note

The free length of these new springs is about 3-11/16" (+/- 1/8"). Most used Springs are shorter as they have weakened over time.

tech note

Spicer factory hubs have been out of production for decades. They were probably the strongest internal mount lockout hub ever made, but unfortunately most parts for them are long gone. As of December 2011, we still have these parts in stock: QU40154 Hub Cam, QU40558R, QU40559R, QU40560R, QU40561R (Hub Gears), QU40374U Hub Dial, QU40032 Axle Shaft Snap Ring, QU40050 Spring, and QU40035 Spring Plate.

tech note

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QU40614 Axle Shaft Snap Ring
QU40035 Spring Plate
QU40221 Outer Axle Shaft for 1973-1991 GM Dana 44 and GM 10 Bolt
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(part will fit these models but may not have been original equipment for all years)

Chevy and GMC:
1960-1979 K5 Blazer, Jimmy, K10/K15/K1500/V1500 Truck and Suburban
1977.5-1991 K20/K25/K2500/V2500 Truck and Suburban

1969-1974 W100
1980-1993 W150, W250 with Dana 44 axle

1959-1987 F100, F150 (Dana 44)
1966-1979 Bronco (Dana 30, Dana 44)
1988-1989 F150, Bronco with Splined Wheel Hub (Dana 44IFS)
1990-1996 F150 and Bronco (Dana 44IFS)
1959-1975 F250 with 3330 Pound Dana 44
1978-1979 F250 (Dana 44)
1980-1996 F250 (Dana 44IFS)

1967-1975 1100 with internal spline wheel hub

1974-1991 Cherokee, Wagoneer
1974-1988 J10
1977.5-1988 J20