QU40085 One Ear Boot Clamp


QU40085 One Ear Boot Clamp is a genuine original equipment part that fits many driveshaft applications plus most 1980's and 1990's Ford 4x4's using Dana-Spicer Model 44 or Model 50 Twin Traction Beam Independent Front Suspension right axle shaft slip yokes. Made in Canada.

One Ear Boot Clamp
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tech note

QU40085 is used to seal the small end of popular driveshaft and axle shaft slip yoke boots. Special crimping pliers is the preferred method of closing the clamp, but hoof nippers or some types of wire cutters can be used in an emergency.


1989-1999 Front Driveshafts with 29 spline Slip Stubs

1983-1997 Full Size Models with Twin Traction Beam Front Axles equipped with Slip Yoke Boots