QU40103 Ford 10.25", 10.5" Rear Axle Left Hand Thread Ratchet Spindle Nut


QU40103 Left Hand Thread Ratchet Type Rear Axle Spindle Nut for 1985-2010 Ford F-250 and F350 Trucks is an original equipment replacement, Hi-Shear, left hand ratcheting spindle nut for Ford 1985-1997 10.25", 1999-2010 10.5", and 1987-1990.5 Dana 70, 70HD rear full float drive axles

Ford Left Hand Thread Spindle Ratchet Nut
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tech note

Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 1:
10.25" and 10.5" Ford Sterling plus 1988-1991 F-350 Super Duty Dana 80 rear axles typically have a spindle with left-hand threads on the left (U.S.A. Drivers Side) and a right-hand thread spindle on the right side (U.S.A. passenger side). See QU40102 for a right-hand thread Spindle Ratchet Nut. Dana 80 Rear Axles in 1996-2000 Ford E350, E450 vans and 1990.5-2018 F-350 trucks use QU40102 right-hand thread nuts for both sides

tech note

Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 2:
The torque specification and bearing preload will vary by application. Consult a Ford factory service manual for the correct specifications for your truck

tech note

Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 3:
Remove and install these nuts with QT1019 Spindle Nut Socket


Rear Axles
1985-1997 10.25"
1999-2010 10.5"
1987-1990.5 Dana 70, 70HD