QU40105 Dodge CAD Inner Axle Shaft Seal


QU40105 Inner Axle Shaft Seal for CAD Axles Genuine original equipment seal fits most Dodge and Plymouth full-size 4x4's equipped with Dana-Spicer front axles and vacuum controlled Central Axle Disconnect (CAD) systems and 1984-1987.5 XJ or 1986 YJ Dana 30 Jeep with CAD. This seal is located inside your axle tube, just outboard of the CAD opening in your axle. This seal is installed from inside the CAD opening with QT1002 Installer and the rest of the tooling in TS4631 or TS4620 CAD Axle Seal Installer Kits. Imported.

See QK4620 for Dodge and QK4601 Jeep Kits that include the Seals and Installation Tools to replace the right and left seals.

Inner Axle Seal for CAD

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tech note

This is one of the hardest seals to install without special tools due to the restricted area it is in and the extremely tight fit of the seal. Get the TS4631 or TS4620 Tool Kit unless you really like cursing, wrecked seals, and tearing your axle down repeatedly for the same problem!

tech note

Once the axle is disassembled, the old seals can be easily removed with our TS4861 Seal Remover Tool Set or other suitable tool such as a length of sturdy pipe that will fit inside the axle tube. You will also need to clean the inside of the axle tube to remove dirt and crud that could get pushed into your new seal during reassembly.

tech note

On Jeeps, QU40105 ONLY works on 1984-1987.5 XJ or 1986 YJ models with CAD. These early production CAD axles use QU40105 Seal which has a larger diameter. All 1984-1986 Jeep CAD axles use QU40105 Seal. The only 1987 axle that used QU40105 was on early production XJs with axle Bill of Material number 610175. All other 1987 Jeep Dana 30 CAD axles have the smaller Seal included in QK4624 Kit. If you have a 1987 XJ, check the axle Bill of Material (BOM) number which is stamped on the front of the right axle tube next to the differential housing and also on a metal tag held on by the two farthest right differential cover bolts before ordering parts.

tech note

Need tech help on how to perform inner axle seal replacement on your 1994-1999 Dodge Ram 2500 or Ram 3500? Get my TSB4620 Inner Axle Seal Replacement Tech Service Bulletin, a fully illustrated, 8 page publication with 31 color photos. Includes step by step service procedures, tool recommendations, and torque specifications for replacing those pesky front axle shaft seals on all 1994 to 1999 Dodge Ram 4x4 trucks with Dana-Spicer Model 60 front drive axles. Available in both print and instant download versions. TSB4620 is specific to Dana 60 axles, but with the exception of a unitized hub/rotor and 4 bolt hub flange, the service procedures are also applicable to 1994-2001 Ram 1500 and 1994-1997 Ram 2500 4x4s with Dana 44 front axles.



Left Axle Shaft Applications for Dodge and Plymouth:
1988-1993 Ramcharger, Trailduster, W150
1988-1993 W250 (gasoline engine only)

Right Axle Shaft Applications for Dodge:
1994-2001 Ram 1500
1994-1999 Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 trucks

Right Axle Shaft Applications for Jeep:
1984-1987.5 Cherokee/Comanche (XJ), Wrangler (YJ) with CAD