QU40177 Dana 44 4.09 Ratio Ring and Pinion Kit

QU40177 Dana 44 4.09 Ratio Ring and Pinion Set is a genuine Dana OEM 4.09 ratio matched gear set with pinion bearings, pinion seal, ring gear bolts, pinion nut, pinion washer, diff cover gasket, shims, and small parts. The pinion shaft has 26 splines. These popular 4.09 ratio gear sets were used by Dodge, Ford, GM, International, and Jeep and it will fit many front/rear axle applications from 1953 to 1993.

Also available while supplies last: QU30169U USED Dana 44 4.09 Ratio Ring and Pinion gears

Genuine Dana 4.09 Ratio Dana 44 Ring and Pinion Kit

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tech note

QU40177 Gear Set has 45 teeth on the ring gear and 11 teeth on the pinion gear. It is a matched, standard cut gear set that fits most Dana 44 axles that have the pinion gear located below the axle center line. The pinion shaft is the 26 spline configuration used on Dana 44 gear sets since the mid 1960s.

tech note

QU40177 will not fit Dana 44 series axles in 1966-1996 Ford F100, F150, Bronco or 1977.5-1996 F250. These Ford models have pinion gears mounted above the axle center line and require a reverse spiral gear set.

tech note

If you are doing a gear ratio change, you will also need to change your differential case (the part the ring gear bolts to) if your current ratio is 3.73 or faster. Faster gear ratios have a larger diameter pinion gear than slow ratios so they require a differential case with a different offset. For the Dana 44 axles that can use this gear set, the differential cases are different for 3.73 and numerically lower and 3.92 and numerically higher ratios.

tech note

Ring Gear Bolts are designed to be used once and only once.

tech note

Pinion preload is set using shims on 1993 and older Dana 44 axles.

tech note

QU40177 Ring and Pinion Kit Includes:
Genuine Dana 4.09 ratio, matched, standard cut gear set
Inner and Outer Pinion Bearings with Cups
Pinion Seal, Pinion Nut, Pinion Washer
Pinion Oil Slingers
Ring Gear Bolts
Pinion Depth Shims, Pinion Preload Shims, Differential Shims
Differential Cover Gasket

tech note

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Chevy and GMC (Front Axle):
1960-1966 K10/K15/K1500, K20/K25/K2500 May require pinion yoke change to 26 spline)
1967-1980 K20/K25/K2500
1973-1979 K5 Blazer, Jimmy, K10/K15

Chevy and GMC (Rear Axle):
1967-1968 C10/C1500 Suburban and truck with Dana 44 axle

Dodge (Front Axle):
1957-1966 W100, W200 (May require pinion yoke change to 26 spline)
1967-1972 W100
1967-1993 W200, W250 with Dana 44 axle

Ford (Front Axle):
1959-1965 F100 (May require pinion yoke change to 26 spline)
1959-1966 F250 (May require pinion yoke change to 26 spline)
1967-1977.5 F250 Regular Cab
1971-1977 Bronco

IHC (Front Axle):
1953-1966 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton (May require pinion yoke change to 26 spline)
1967-1975 1100, 1200
1974-1980 Scout

IHC (Rear Axle):
1967-1975 1100
1974-1980 Scout

Jeep (Front Axle):
1962-1966 J-Series truck (May require pinion yoke change to 26 spline)
1967-1973 J-Series Truck
1974-1985 Cherokee, Wagoneer, J10, J20

Jeep (Rear Axle):
1967-1971 Wagoneer
1971-1973 1/2 ton truck
1972-1975 CJ5, CJ6
1974-1985 Cherokee, Wagoneer, J10