QU40188 8 Bolt Spicer Knuckle Seal


QU40188 8 Bolt Knuckle Ball Seal Kit for Dana Spicer Front Axles is genuine original equipment for light 3/4 ton and smaller Dana closed knuckle front axles in 1951-1975 4x4s with Dana Spicer Model 25, Model 27, Model 30, or standard Model 44 front drive axles with the small diameter knuckle ball. Kits include split metal backed ball seal, felt wiper seal, metal backing plates and 8 new serrated, flange head cap screws. Two kits required to service both sides of your front axle assembly. USA Made.

8 Bolt Knuckle Ball Seal Kit
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tech note

Dana Spicer axles were built with 2 sizes of closed steering knuckles. All Model 25. Model 27, and Model 30 closed knuckle axles use QU40188 8 Bolt Knuckle Seal as did standard duty Model 44 axles. Heavy duty Model 44 axles have the bigger Knuckle Ball and use QA4936 12 Bolt Seal. All Dana Spicer Model 60 and Model 70 closed knuckle axles use QA4936.

tech note

Before installing your new QU40188 Knuckle Seal, apply a thin coat of grease to the knuckle ball to provide initial lubrication for the Seal. I also like to put a little SAE 250 weight gear lube around the inner circumference of the felt wiper so after it soaks in it will reduce friction between the felt and ball.

tech note

The lubricant used in steering knuckles must be fairly thick, but still be able to flow a little bit. Straight gear lube will seep past the seal!

tech note

The metal/rubber seal ring is split so you can twist it open to clear the axle tube during installation. When you install the seal on the knuckle, place the split joint at the 12:00 o'clock position.

tech note

The felt wiper needs to be cut before installation. Locate the cut at what will be the the 12:00 o'clock position when installed.

tech note

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Closed Knuckle standard Dana 44

1960-1969 K10/K15, K20/K25

Closed Knuckle standard Dana 44

1957-1971 W100, W200

Closed Knuckle Dana 25
1942-1945 GPW military
Closed Knuckle standard Dana 44:
1959-1966 F-100
1959-1975 F-250 with standard Model 44 Front Axle

Closed Knuckle Dana 27, 30, 44:
1961-1971 Scout
1953-1975 1/2 ton and light 3/4 ton

Closed Knuckle Dana 25, 27, 30, and 44:

1941-1957 Military models MB, M38, M38A1, M170
1945-1971 All civilian Jeeps
1972-1973 Jeep J-Series full size 4x4s

Closed Knuckle standard Dana 44:
1957-1964 4x4 Pickups