QU40218 Limited Slip Additive


QU40218 4 Ounce Limited Slip Lube is supplied by Dana-Spicer for all Powr-Lok and Trac-Lok™ limited-slip differentials. It is an absolute must to add to your rear differential oil after any drain and refill of axle lubricant. Also used to presoak new clutches when you are rebuilding your limited slip differential. Made in U.S.A. Cannot be air shipped.

4oz. Dana Limited Slip Lube
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tech note

Most Dana 60, Dana 70, and 4x2 trucks with Dana 80 limited slip axles use one bottle (4 ounces), Dodge 4x4 trucks with the Dana 80 limited slip axle require 6.4 ounces of limited slip lube. 1999-2010 Ford Super Duty F-350 DRW trucks with the Dana 80 Trac-Lok™ limited slip axles require 8 ounces of limited slip lube. Consult your owners manual for specific data for your exact application.


All Dana-Spicer and most Corporate Axles limited slip differentials.