QU40238 Rear Spindle Lock Washer for 1992-1994 Ford F-450

QU40238 1992-1994 Ford F-450 Spindle Nut Lockwasher is a genuine original equipment, non-reuseable, bend-over tab spindle lockwasher that is installed between the two spindle nuts on 1992-1994 Ford F-450 Super Duty Dana 80 rear axles
Dana 80 Wheel Nut Lock Washer for 1992-1994 F450
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tech note
Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 1:
One of these Lock Washers is used on each side in conjunction with 2 QU40237 Spindle Nuts and 1 QU40239 Flat Thrust Washer
tech note
Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 1:
QU40238 Spindle Lock Washer is installed between the inner and outer QU40237 Spindle Nuts. After you set the wheel bearing end-play and apply the final torque to the outer nut, you bend one of the right angle tabs into a slot in the outer nut
tech note
Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 2:
QU40238 Spindle Lock Washer is designed as a "Single Use" part. For safety reasons, these parts are intended to be installed once and only once! You must discard any QU40238 lock washer that is removed from the spindle for any reason and replace it with a new QU40238 Spindle Lock Washer