QU40268 Dodge Dana 44 Front Wheel Bearing Retainer


QU40268 Front Wheel Bearing Retainer for 1974-1979 Dodge Dana 44 Front Axles fits all 1974-1979 Dodge Ramcharger, W100, W150, W200, W250, and Plymouth Traildusters with live spindle Dana 44 front axles. We have a limited supply of new and good used and reconditioned QU40268R Retainers that we have checked for wear, cleaned up, and applied a black oxide finish for corrosion protection. QU40268R Retainers do NOT include the wheel seal. Made in U.S.A.

Reconditioned Front Wheel Bearing Retainer for Dodge 4x4s
* Kits made up of multiple items may not show an inventory in-stock status but are almost always in stock!

New Front Wheel Bearing Retainer for Dodge 4x4s
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* Kits made up of multiple items may not show an inventory in-stock status but are almost always in stock!

tech note

Loose wheel bearings are a common problem with the 1974-1979 Dodge Dana 44 Live Spindle front axle. Since the bearings are not adjustable, it only takes about 0.005" combined total wear on your wheel bearings, wheel hub, bearing retainer, and/or steering knuckle to have loose wheel bearings. I worked on a lot of these Dodge trucks in the 1970's and 1980's and I found worn hubs on probably close to 50% of the vehicles with loose wheel bearings. If both the inner and outer wheel bearings are not a tight press fit on your old Hub, you MUST replace it with a new hub!

tech note

Theoretically, the front bearing retainers are not a "wear" part that will require replacement. However, if the outer bearing cup wears into the inner face of the retainer beyond 0.001-0.002" it will need to be replaced. To check the fit of your retainer, first clean and verify the inside of the steering knuckle is not worn in any way (if it is, you need a new knuckle). Remove the brake shield. Install a new QU50205 Wheel Bearing Set in the knuckle (do not pack the bearings or use old bearings for this step!). Bolt the retainer to the knuckle and torque the bolts to 30 lb.-ft.. At a point midway between the bolt holes, try to insert a 0.004" feeler gauge between the retainer and knuckle. If you have the 0.004" or greater clearance, life is good and you can move on. Less than 0.004" clearance means you have problems. Either the knuckle and/or retainer are worn!

tech note

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