QU40519 Dana 50, Dana 60 Diff Cross Shaft Roll Pin


QU40519 Dana 50, Dana 60 Lock Pin for Differential Cross Shaft for Dana 50 front axles plus most Dana-Spicer Model 60 and Model 61 front or rear axles with factory open differentials. This spring steel Pin locks your Dana 60 QU40520 or Dana 50 Cross Shaft to the differential case. Made in U.S.A.

Dana 50, Dana 60, Dana 61 Diff Shaft Lock Pin
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tech note

To remove one of these Lock Pins, you will need a extra long punch inserted from the side of the differential with the ring gear flange. You will drive the pin out in the direction that is away from the ring gear.

tech note

Depending upon the gear ratio, you may need to remove the ring gear from the differential case in order to remove the cross shaft. Ring Gear Bolts can NOT be safely reused. See QU40086 for Dana 60 replacement bolts or QU40441 for Dana 50 Ring Gear Bolts.



Chevy and GMC:
1977-1991 Model 60 Front Axle
1967-1972 Model 60 Rear Axle

1975-1993 Model 60 and 61 Front Axles
1994-2002 Model 60 Front Axle
1961-2002 Model 60 Rear Axle

1975-1979 F-250, F-350 Model 60 Front Axle
1985-1997 F-350 Model 60 Front Axle
1999-2004 Super Duty Model 60 Front Axle
1954-1973 Model 60 Rear Axle

1975 Model 60 Front Axle
1966-1975 Model 60 Rear Axle

1967-1969 M715, M725, M726 Front Axle
1970-1988 Model 60 Rear Axle