QU40709 Spicer U-Joint Strap and Bolt Kit


QU40709 Universal Joint Strap and Bolt Kit for Spicer type 1350 and 1410 Yokes. This genuine Spicer original equipment Kit is used to secure Spicer type universal joints with 1-3/16" diameter cups to Spicer style transfer case and axle end yokes. 5/16" hardened, fine thread Flange Head Bolts have 5/16" hex heads and a threadlocking compound has been applied to the bolt threads. Use one Kit per yoke. Made in U.S.A.

Matching 1350 Universal Joints: QU40731 and TK40719.
Matching 1410 Universal Joints: QU40789 and TK40705.

Also See QU30128 U-Joint Strap

Universal Joint Strap & Bolt Kit for Spicer 1350 and 1410 Yokes
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tech note

Torque these bolts to specification listed in your factory Shop Manual or my TM3000 Driveshaft and Universal Joint Manual or TSB3510 Driveshaft Tech: Vibration, Balance, Angles, Runout and Torque Specifications.


Spicer type threaded End Yokes made for 1350 or 1410 series universal joints