QU40736 Spicer 1310 series to Detroit 7260 series Conversion Universal Joint Conversion


QU40736 Greaseable 7260 to 1310 Conversion U-Joint for Special Applications is used to adapt a yoke made for a Spicer type, 3-7/32" wide external snap ring u-joint to a yoke made for a Dodge Detroit Universal 7260 series u-joint with 2-1/8" internal lockup. Made in U.S.A.

1310 x 7260 Greaseable Conversion U-Joint
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tech note

7260 series u-joints were originally made by Chrysler's (now defunct) Detroit Universal division. 7260 Series u-joints are retained by internal c-clips that fit against the inside of the yoke ears. Width between the yoke ears is 2-1/8". U-Joint cup diameter is 1.078". External snap ring retained Spicer 1310 series dimensional specifications: u-joint cup diameter is 1-1/16". The overall width is 3-7/32".

tech note

Do not switch the cups on the journals when assembling this universal joint!


Dodge to Spicer Conversion applications