QU40740 2" x 0.120" 16 Spline Front CV Diveshaft Spline Stub


QU40740 16 Spline Slip Stub for 2" Front CV Driveshafts replaces worn out factory slip stubs on front 2" diameter Front Double Cardan Constant Velocity Driveshafts used on full size 1977-1991 GM and 1974 to 1993 Dodge 4x4s.

2" x 0.120" 16 Spline Front CV Driveshaft Spline Stub
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tech note

QU40740 has 16 splines with a spline diameter of 1-3/8". Matching 2" outside diameter tubing must have 0.120" wall thickness.

tech note

The most common matching slip yokes for front CV shafts are:
GM 1973-1991: QU40753 (1310 series u-joint)
Dodge 1974-1975.5: QU40753 (1310 series u-joint)
Dodge 1975.5-1993 Except 1993 Diesel : QU40770 (7260 series u-joint)
Dodge 1993 Diesel : QU40854 (7290 series u-joint)

tech note

Requires welding and machine shop skills. Driveshaft fabrication can be done by any competent machinest, but best results are usually obtained from dedicated driveshaft specialists who can both assemble and balance the finished shaft. For information on driveshaft runout and balance, see my TM3000 Driveshaft and Universal Joint Service Manual or TM3000 Excerpt TSB3510 Vibration, Balance, Angles, Ratings, Run Out, Torque Specs.

tech note

Matching Parts for QU40740 Slip Stub:
QU40618 Greaseable Press-On Slip Yoke Seal
QU40753 6-13/16" long 1310 Series 16 Spline Slip Yoke
QU40845 7-1/2" Long 1330 Series 16 Spline Slip Yoke for Ford
QU40770 1-3/8"-16 Spline 7260 Series Slip Yoke for Dodge
QU40854 1-3/8"-16 Spline 7290 Series Slip Yoke for Dodge
QU40852 2" x0.120" Wall Driveshaft Tubing
QU90018 Pyroplex® Protection ES NLGI #2 GC-LB Water Resistant Synthetic Grease



Chevy and GMC:
1973-1987 Blazer/Jimmy, Suburban, Truck. K5, K10, K15, K1500, K20, K25, K2500, K30, K35, K3500
1988-1991 Blazer, Jimmy, V1500 and V2500 Suburban
1988-1991 V3500 1 ton Truck

1974-1993 Ramcharger, Trailduster
1975-1977 W100
1975-80 W200, W300
1978-1993 W150
1981-1993 W250, W350