QU40754 4x4 Front Axle U-Joint


QU40754 Greaseable Axle Shaft Universal Joint is a heavy-duty, hot-forged, Greaseable front axle shaft universal joint with metal backed seals for increased resistance to water contamination. One of our most popular axle u-joints, this low-cost, but durable axle u-joint fits a multitude of 4x4 applications from the early 1970's to some of today's most popular 4x4 models. Made in U.S.A. For a cold-forged, non-greaseable axle shaft universal joint for the same applications, see TK40712. For U-Joint Service Tools See our Web Page.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE! This item has been superseded by QU90007 Greaseable 4x4 Front Axle Shaft Universal Joint

tech note

Axle u-joints of this size can not use a regular zerk fitting in the cross or cup due to clearance issues. To overcome the clearance problem, this quality, USA made u-joints have one of the cups drilled and tapped for a screw in flush fitting. A Needle type grease gun adapter such as our QT9405 is needed to lube the joint. To grease the left axle u-joint, first turn your front wheels all the way to right to open the maximum space at the back side of the axle joint area. Next, rotate the axle shaft so the flush fitting is access able, and then clean any crud from the fitting and grease! Use the same procedure for the right side, but turn your front wheels to the left.

tech note

In most applications, the grease fitting can not be installed in the cross until after the axle shaft is installed in the axle housing due to limited clearance between the axle shaft and steering knuckle. The grease fitting features a spring loaded poppet ball to prevent contaminants from seeping through the lube channels. The fitting is all threaded right to the head so it will have full thread contact in the thin wall cap when installed. This is important, as many competitive joints use partially threaded fittings with little or no thread contact with the cup when installed.

tech note

Service intervals will vary with your driving conditions and type of grease you use, but as a minimum, you should grease your u-joints at every oil change or every three months which ever comes sooner. Lube more frequently in extremely wet conditions or after submersion under water.

tech note

The cup diameter for these u-joints is 1-3/16". The 4 cups are grooved to accept Inside C-Clip Snap Rings. The installed Clips fit against the machined inner faces of the axle shaft yokes. The distance between the inside of the axle shaft yoke ears must be 2-3/16".



1973-1987 1/2 ton Pickup, 3/4 ton Pickup
1973-1991 Full Size Blazer, Jimmy, and Suburban

1974-1993 Ramcharger, Trailduster, 1/2 ton pickup, 3/4 ton pickup (Except Cummins Diesel)

1978-1996 Ford Full Size Bronco
1973-1996 F-100, F150
1976-1988 F-250 with Model 44 series front axles
1990-1997 Ranger, Bronco II, Explorer with Model 35IFS Front Axle and Single-Cardan U-joint

1974-1979 Scout with Model 44 front axle

1974-1991 J-Series (Full Size Wagoneer, Cherokee, Cherokee Chief, J-10, J-20)
1984-current Mid-Size Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche, Wrangler, Rubicon, Grand Cherokee with Single-Cardan U-Joint