QU40760 Saginaw CV Center Yoke


QU40760 Saginaw Double Cardan CV Center Yoke for the original equipment Saginaw Double Cardan Front Constant Velocity Driveshafts used on 1977½ to 1991 full size square body style Chevy/GMC 4x4s and 1975½ to 1993 Dodge and Plymouth full size 4x4s. Made in U.S.A.

Also see QU40831 CV Head Assembly.

Double Cardan CV Joint Center Yoke
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tech note

Both Saginaw and Spicer front CV shafts may be found in these trucks. The Saginaw CV Center Yoke has squared off ends. The 1-1/8" diameter holes for the u-joints have a 3-1/4" center to center dimension. Plastic injected into grooved machined in the yokes and u-joint cups retains the factory installed universal joints. TK40725 and QU40758 replacement universal joints are kept in place by spring steel C-Clips that fit in a groove machined on each u-joint cup. When installed, the C-Clips will be against flats machined on the inside faces of the yokes.



1977.5-1991 Full Size GM 4x4s with Saginaw Front Double Cardan CV Driveshafts

1975.5-1993 Full Size Dodge and Plymouth 4x4s with Saginaw Front Double Cardan CV Driveshafts