QU40763 Strap and Bolt Kit for Detroit 7260 Series Universal Joints


QU40763 U-Joint Strap Kit for Dodge Ram is used for securing Universal Joints made to Detroit Universal 7290 specifications to Dodge axle, transfer case, and transmission yokes. Use with TK40722 or QU40775 universal joints. Clamps are either plated or anodized for corrosion resistance. Hardened, 1/4" SAE fine thread, Grade 8 have 3/8" hex head bolts and permanently attached lock washers.

U-Joint Strap Kit for Dodge Ram
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tech note

Torque these bolts to specification listed in your factory Shop Manual or my TM3000 Driveshaft and Universal Joint Manual or TSB3510 Driveshaft Tech: Vibration, Balance, Angles, Runout and Torque Specifications.

tech note

7290 series u-joints have internal C-Clips, 1-1/8" diameter cups and fit yokes measuring 2-5/8" between the ears.


Front Driveshaft APPLICATIONS:
1992-1993 W-250, W-350
1994-1999 Ram 1500
1994-1999 Ram 2500, Ram 3500

Rear Driveshaft Applications:
only used on 1950's-1999 Dodge trucks equipped with 7290 series universal joints.