1310, 1330 Series U-Bolt Kit-QU40768


QU40768 1310, 1330 Driveshaft U-Bolt Kit fits many vintage axle, transfer case, and transmission yokes including QU40823 NP205 and NP208 Transfer Case Output Yoke. From the mid-1940's to the mid-1980's the majority of Chevy, Ford, GMC, and Jeep 4x2 and 4x4 vehicles up to 3/4 ton size used u-bolt style yokes for Spicer series 1310 or 1330 series universal joints. This u-bolt kit fits a great many of those yokes. Use this Kit to replace broken or stripped original u-bolts. Made in U.S.A.

Driveshaft U-Bolt Kit for 1310 and 1330 Series U-Joints
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tech note

QU40768 U-Bolt is made to fit standard yokes for Spicer series 1310 and 1330 series universal joints. The u-joint cup size is 1-1/16". The u-bolts have 5/16" shanks and the legs measure 1.406" from center to center. These u-bolts will NOT fit Ford yokes made for the 1330F universal joint with 1-1/8" cups. Use QU40841 for those Ford applications.

tech note

To keep the u-bolts from becoming rust frozen in the yokes, apply S9975 or S81343 Anti-Seize to the unthreaded portion of the legs. Put some S9978 or S24200 Threadlocker on the nut threads before installing the nuts on the u-bolts.

tech note

Torque the nuts to the specification listed in your factory Shop Manual or my TM3000 Driveshaft and Universal Joint Manual or TSB3510 Driveshaft Tech: Vibration, Balance, Angles, Runout and Torque Specifications.

tech note

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QU40735 Strap and Bolt Kit for most current production yokes
QU40849 26 Spline Dana 30, Dana 44, Dana 50 Pinion Yoke (U-Bolt Style)
QU40847 29 Spline Dana 60 Pinion Yoke (U-Bolt Style)
QU40785 6" Long x 16 Spline 1310 Series Slip Yoke
QU40753 6-7/8" x 16 Spline 1310 Series Slip Yoke
QU40927 8-7/8" Long x 16 Spline 1310 Series Slip Yoke
QU40823 1330 Series 32 Spline NP205 Transfer Case Yoke (U-Bolt Type)
QU40928 6" Long x 16 Spline 1330 Series Slip Yoke
QU40845 7-1/2" Long x 16 Spline 1330 Series Slip Yoke
QU40881 31 spline based on 32 Spline Slip Yoke for Chevy and GMC
QU90018 Pyroplex® Plus Synthetic Grease
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Too numerous to list by vehicle. Verify dimensions of your original u-bolts match those given above in the Tech Notes