QU40838 Lower Spring Washer for Saginaw CV Joints


QU40838 Lower Spring Seat for Saginaw CV Joints fits between the 3 shoes (QU40833) and Spring (QU40837) inside the CV Flange Yoke for all 1975 to 2002 Saginaw Double Cardan Constant Velocity 4x4 front driveshafts used by Chevy, Dodge, Ford, and GMC in various full size models. Made in U.S.A.

Lower Spring Seat
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tech note

QU40838 is also a component part of QU40752 Saginaw CV Joint Centering Parts Kit. The component parts for QU40752 Kit are:are: QU40817 CV Ball, QU40828 Seal, QU40837 Spring, QU40838 Lower Seat Support Washer, QU40833 Three Piece Shoe Set, and QU40839 Upper Seat Support Washer.

tech note

For Double Cardan CV rebuild procedures, see my TM3000 Driveshaft and Universal Joint Manual or TSB3510Saginaw Type Constant Velocity Service.


Front Driveshaft Applications:

Chevy and GMC
1977.5-1991 Full Size K5 Blazer and Jimmy
1977.5-1991 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton Suburban
1977.5-1987 K10, K15, K1500 1/2 ton 4x4 truck
1977.5-1987 K20, K25, K2500 3/4 ton 4x4 Truck
1977.5-1991 K30, K35, K3500, V3500 1 ton 4x4 truck

1975.5-1993 All Ramcharger, Trailduster
1975.5-1993 All W100, W150, W-200, W250, W300, W350 with Double Cardan Front CV Shaft

1999-2002 Excursion and Super Duty