QU40854 Long Driveshaft 7290 Series Slip Yoke for Dodge


QU40854 7290 Series 16 Spline Greaseable Slip Yoke with Press On Seal is made to fit Dodge 7290 series front or rear driveshafts that have had the original slip stub replaced by an aftermarket 1-3/8" diameter, 16 spline slip stub such as our QU40740 Slip Stub for front CV driveshafts. This Yoke WILL NOT fit Dodge original equipment 1.25" 16 spline stubs!!!!!

Special Size Slip Yoke for Dodge
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tech note

QU40854 Slip Yoke takes 7290 Series u-joints which are retained by internal c-clips that fit against the inside of the yoke ears. Width between the yoke ears is 2-5/8". U-Joint cup diameter is 1-1/8". Standard Duty U-Joint is QU40775. Heavy Duty U-Joint part number is TK40722.

tech note

QU40854 typically mates to 16 spline slip stubs that have 1.375" outside diameter partial length splines (spline length is usually 2.25" to 3"). The yoke measures 7-3/8" from the center of the u-joint hole to the end of the spline.

tech note

Install the press-on seal on the slip yoke BEFORE trying to install the Slip Yoke on the splined slip stub.

tech note

The Slip Yoke and weld Yoke at the opposite end of the tube MUST be in phase (See TM3000 Driveshaft Manual).

tech note

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1972-1993 7290 series Dodge Driveshafts with replacement 1-3/8 x 16 spline slip stubs