QU42030 Reusable Dana 70 Differential Cover Gasket


QU42030 Reuseable Dana 70 Differential Cover Gasket is a USA made, genuine Spicer® high strength, high performance, Teflon® coated Rear Differential Cover Gasket that will instantly seal in place, even over minor surface irregularities...PLUS it is reuseable! Save time, every time you change your diff oil, no more scraping off old gasket material! QU42030 is manufactured with proprietary high-density material that allows maximum compression and sealing, plus there is no need to re-torque after installation. QU42030 will withstand extreme temperatures. Properitary, high-density outside is mechanically and chemically bonded to stiff, woven steel core Made to adhere WITHOUT messy RTV sealant and it saves on install time by eliminating the time needed for RTV to cure. Made in U.S.A.

Also see QU40367

QU42030 Reusable Dana 70, Dana 70HD Performance Diff Cover Gasket
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product note

We stock Spicer High-Performance Reuseable gaskets for many applications. Below is a list of both the standard and High Performance gasket numbers for popular axles:

Axle Model Standard Reuseable
Dana 30 QU40236 QU42027
Dana 44 QU40214 QU42028
Dana 50 Ford 1999-2005 QU40367 QU42029
Dana 60, Dana 61 QU40367 QU42029
Dana 70, Dana 70HD QU40367 QU42030
Dana 80 RTV S82194 QU42031
Ford Sterling 10.25" and 10.5" 1985-up QU40400 QU42032
GM 10.5" 14 Bolt Full Float 1973-up QU50698 QU42036
Chrysler/Dodge 9.25" Rear Axle 1974-2007 QU50687 QU42037
tech note

The bolt pattern on Dana-Spicer Dana 50 monobeam, Dana 60 and Dana 70 series axles is the same. The covers however, have different top and bottom flange widths. For Dana 50 monobeam, Dana 60, and Dana 61 axles, order QU42029.

tech note

Starting in the 1970's, Dana-Spicer switched from light gauge steel covers with embossed mating flanges to heavy gauge covers with flat mating flanges. Gaskets were used to seal the early covers, but the late covers used RTV sealant instead of gaskets. Due to the Design of the older covers, you MUST use a cut gasket for a leak proof seal between the cover and diff housing. With the late, flat flange covers, you can use either RTV or a cut gasket. The advantage of RTV, is that properly installed on clean dry surfaces and using a grade of RTV that is resistant to gear lubricants (see S82194 RTV), it will not leak. The disadvantage is the covers sealed with RTV are hard to remove at the next service interval and once removed, the RTV residue stuck to the mating flanges must be laboriously cleaned off both surfaces. Our Spicer® QU420 series reusable diff cover gaskets provide superior sealing, easy removal and minimal clean up.

tech note

QU42030 Dana 70/Dana 70HD Reusable Gaskets are manufactured by Dana-Spicer. These excellent gaskets feature a woven steel core, non-asbestos facing, and are coated with Teflon® so the gasket does not stick to your axle housing or cover. Do NOT use RTV sealant with these reusable gaskets!

tech note

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tech note

Matching Parts for Many Dana 70HD Rear Axles:
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QU40078 Axle Shaft Flange Gasket, most Dodge and Ford
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tech note

Matching Parts for QU42030 in 1972-2002 Dodge and Ram Dana SRW Rear Axle Applications:
QU50414 Inner Wheel Bearing
QU50413 Inner Wheel Bearing Cup
QU50412 Outer Wheel Bearing
QU40450 Rear Wheel Seal
QU40449 Optional Flanged Rear Wheel Seal for 1994-2002
QU40078 Steel Axle Shaft Flange Gasket
QU15002 Spindle Lock Washer for 1972-1979.5
QU40077 Spindle Lock Nut for 1979.5-1993
QU40089 Spindle Nut Lock Wedge for 1979.5-1993
QU40118 Spindle Lock Nut for 1994-2002
QU40115 Spindle Nut Lock Wedge for 1994-2002
QU40577 Tapered Locking Bushing Cone for Axle Shaft Drive Studs
QU90018 Pyroplex Synthethic Grease
QU40367 Dana 70 Differential Cover Gasket
QU50411 Wheel Bearing Cup
QT1500 Wheel Seal Installer for QU40450 Seal 1979-1993
QT1510 Rear Wheel Seal Installer for QU40450 Seal 1994-2002
QT1503 Rear Wheel seal Installer for QU40449 Seal 1994-2002
QT1009i Spindle Nut Socket for 1979.5-2002
QT5500 Wheel Bearing Packer


Specific vehicle applications for these gaskets are to numerous to mention. QU42030 Fits all Dana Spicer Model 70 Axles from 1957 on.