QU50125 32 Spline Seal


QU50125 32 Spline Rubber Yoke Seal for 32 Spline Front Output CV Flange Yokes is approximately 0.130" -0.140" thick with 32 splines and is the best fit for most NP205 32 spline front output shafts with CV flanges or yokes that use a one piece nut and washer. Made in U.S.A.

Superseded by TK10513

32 Spline Seal
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tech note

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note:
New Process lists TK10513 0.182" thick Spline Seal for all 32 spline NP205 front output applications. However, we have found this 0.182" Seal is too thick for most CV front output flanges and yokes that are retained by the factory flanged nut (TK10512). Friction from the nut as it is tightened will often cause the Spline Seal to get squeezed between the nut and CV flange/yoke instead of compressing into the yoke. We have found 0.130"-0.140" thick QU50125 Spline Seal shown here or two stacked QU50666 0.070" thick seals will compress into the yoke bore without being squeezed out.