QU50224 NP205 Case Plug


QU50224 Large Deep Cup NP205 Case Access Hole Soft Plug for the shift fork pin and interlock holes in late 1970's to 1993 New Process NP205 cases. Diameter is approximately 0.447". Sold individually, but Requires 4 per case. (Included in application specific QU50117 Small Parts Kit and Torque King® Master Overhaul Kits.)

Large Deep Cup NP205 Soft Plug
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tech note

Early NP205 transfer cases were made with smaller case access holes. These early cases use QU50162 Plug.

tech note

Most late 1978 and later NP205 transfer cases used QU10679 Rubber Plug to seal the four transfer case access holes. QU10679 is now out of production and no longer available. In most cases either plug type worked just fine, but if the transfer case breather plugged up, the rubber plugs could be forced out of the access holes as pressure built up when the transfer case heated up during operation. This did not happen often, but when it did, oil would blow out the now open hole(s). If this problem was not caught pretty quick, you ended up with a seized transfer case. For that reason, I feel these steel plugs are superior to the rubber plugs.

tech note

If your case access holes are gouged, put a little sealant around the outside diameter of the case plug before installation.