QU50380 2" ID NP205 Transfer Case Seal


QU50380 2" ID Output Seal for NP205 Transfer Case fits our bargain priced QU40823 1330 series NP205 Transfer Case Output Yoke. Two of these seals can be installed in your bearing retainer for maximum oil retention. Made in U.S.A. or Mexico. Sold individually.

2" Inside Diameter NP205 Transfer Case Seal
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tech note

Lubricate the Seal Lip with clean grease or petroleum jelly before installing the yoke to provide initial lubrication.

tech note

NP205 output yokes also were made with 1-3/4", 1-7/8", and 2-1/8" ground hub diameters. Verify what size seal you need BEFORE you place your order. The outside diameter is the same for all seal types.
Alternate Numbers:
1-3/4": TK80044 (GM Front Output)
1-7/8": QU50543 (Ford) or TK10510 (Dodge Front Output)
2-1/8": TK50123 (All Makes)