QU50401 Timken Taper Bearing


QU50401 Timken® Outer Pinion Bearing for Dana-Spicer Model 60, 61, 70, and 70HD front and rear axles. This is a First Class, original equipment quality bearing that meets or exceeds all vehicle manufacturer specifications making it the top choice for heavy-duty applications like yours. Country of origin may vary as Timken produces Bearings in plants located around the globe, however QU50401 is almost always made in either Canada or the United States.

Timken® Outer Pinion Bearing
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tech note

Until the late 1980's all Dana-Spicer Model 60 and 70 series axles used shims between the Outer Pinion Bearing and a shoulder on the Pinion Stem to set the pinion rotating preload. Many Model 60 axles built since that time use QU40356 collapsible spacer (crush sleeve) to set rotating preload. Model 70 axles still use shims.

tech note

Always replace the cup and cone at the same time.

tech note

The matching Bearing Cup is QU50400. For an original equipment Cup and Cone Set, see QU40182.



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DODGE FRONT AXLE Outer Pinion Bearing:
1989-1993 W250 with Cummins Diesel Engine
1975-1993 W350
1994-1997 Ram 2500 gas V8trucks with 8800 lb. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) or higher
1994-1997 Ram 2500 All with Cummins Diesel or V10
1998-2002 Ram 2500 All
1994-2002 Ram 3500

DODGE REAR AXLE Outer Pinion Bearing:
1961-2002 All models with Dana 60 or 70 Rear Axles

Applications will be added as time permits

Applications will be added as time permits

Applications will be added as time permits