QU50429 New Process NP200, NP201, NP205 Seal


QU50429 2-1/8" OEM Rear/Front Output/Output/Remote Input Seal is an inexpensive, genuine NPG part for all NP200, NP201, and NP205 transfer cases with the standard 2.125" diameter input or output yokes. Fits all remote mount 205 transfer cases with standard (non-CV) yokes as an rear output seal/input seal or front output seal.

New Process NP200, NP201, NP205 Seal
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tech note

Lubricate the Seal Lip with clean grease or petroleum jelly before installing the yoke to provide initial lubrication.

tech note

Ford used output yokes with both 1-7/8" and 2-1/8" ground hub diameters. Verify what size seal you need BEFORE you place your order. The outside diameter is the same for both seal types. If you need 1-7/8" ID Seals, see QU50543.

tech note

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