QU50480 Basic NP205 Small Parts Kit


QU50480 Basic NP205 Small Parts Kit is an affordable Kit for all NP205 transfer cases. QU50480 includes 2 Thin Steel Low Gear Thrust Washers with Bent-over tabs, 1 Thick Cast Iron Low Gear Thrust Washer, Low Gear Snap Rings, 0.085" Thick Input Shaft Snap Ring for 10, 23, 27 spline inputs, 143 Needle Bearings, Pilot Bearing Thrust Plate, Detent Springs, Detent balls, 2 Slotted Steel Shift Fork Pins, and 2 Low Gear Bearing Spacers. Contains a combination USA made and imported aftermarket parts. Important: If you have a 1982-1987 GM synchronized NP205 see Tech Note 3!

Also available: QK2060 and QK2061 Premium Complete NP205 Small Parts Kits

Basic NP205 Small Parts Kit

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tech note

QU50480 is a basic NP205 Small Parts Kit suppled by an aftermarket company. It includes the minimum amount of parts needed for a low dollar rebuild. QU50480 is a good choice for cases that are in pretty good shape, but it does not include ALL the small parts! If you want or need a COMPLETE Small Parts Kit, see our QK2060 and QK2061 Kits.

tech note

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tech note

From 1982 to perhaps as late a 1987, General Motors offered a synchronized NP205 Transfer Case on 1 ton trucks with auto locking hubs. These synchronized cases use some special front output small parts that are NOT included in our Small Parts Kits. The easiest way to tell if you have a synchronized or non-synchronized NP205 is to look at the large, 8 bolt round front output, rear cover on the backside of the main case. With non-synchro cases, there is a through hole in the middle of the aluminum cover in which is pressed the front output, rear support bearing. The steel, 2-1/8" diameter, closed end bearing is easy to see in the center of the cover. Synchronized covers are solid and the 1-7/8" OD open end bearing is not visible to the outside, but you will be able to see the raised, solid area of the casting were the bearing is installed.

tech note

1982-1987 GM NP205 with Synchronized Front Output ONLY:
Order the Correct Small Parts Kit for your Year and Input PLUS:
(3) QU10894 Shift Fork Pads
(1) QU50360 Front Output, Rear Support Bearing
(1) QU30081 Front Output, Low Gear Snap Ring

tech note

You will have to reuse these parts which are no longer available:
QU30080 Front Output Low Gear Bushing
QU30076 Front Output Low Gear Thrust Washer

tech note

Input Shaft End-Play on direct mount models and rear output shaft end-play on 1980-1991 GM units with slip yokes is minimized by the use of selective fit snap rings. You want to use the thickest available ring that will fit in the shaft groove with the ball bearing installed. There is no published specification for NP205 input or output shaft end-play. Typically, there will be a fair amount of noticeable end-play due to movement of the ball bearings in the case bores.


1969-1993 New Process NP205 Transfer Cases