QU50509 7260 Series Input or Output Yoke for Dodge NP205 Transfer Case


QU50509 7260 Series 32 Spline Input or Output Yoke for Dodge NP205 Transfer Cases fits 1969 to 1974 and 1980 to 1993 gas powered Dodge trucks with Cast Iron New Process NP205 gear drive transfer cases and 7260 series universal joints. For the 1969 to 1974 remote mounted NP205 Transfer Case use on the input or either output shaft. On 1980-1993 trucks with the direct mount NP205, only a few small engine W-350 1 ton trucks will use this yoke and only on the rear output shaft. Imported.

7260 Series 32 Spline Input or Output Yoke for Dodge NP205 Transfer Cases
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tech note

QU50509 comes with a Slinger. Retain the slinger when using this yoke on input or front output shafts. Remove and discard the slinger for rear output applications. The slinger can be pressed or driven off the yoke.

tech note

QU50509 is made to match with 7260 series u-joints that were originally made by Chrysler's (now defunct) Detroit Universal division. 7260 Series u-joints are retained by internal c-clips that fit against the inside of the yoke ears. Width between the yoke ears is 2-1/8". U-Joint cup diameter is 1.078". Standard Duty U-Joint is QU40751. Heavy Duty U-Joint part number is QU40794.

tech note

Optional matching parts for QU40746 Yoke are:
QU40729 Strap and Bolt Kit to secure the driveshaft universal joint
TK50123 Standard, 2-1/8" ID Original Equipment Type Single Seal
TK50092-2 2-1/8" Double Rear Output Seal Set for maximum oil retention
TK10513 Rubber Spline Seal to seal oil from leaking past the inside splines
QK2036 Output Yoke Nut and Washer Set
TK10503 5 Bolt Gasket for Rear Output Bearing Flange
TK10514 4 Bolt Gasket for Front Output or Remote Input Bearing Flanges
S9978 Threadlocker

tech note

For NP205 Transfer Cases use Seal TK50123 Single Seal or TK50092-2 Double Seal, both of which can be ordered from our NP205 Parts Web Page.



Dodge NP205 Transfer Case in 1969-1974 and 1980-1993 Gas Engine Trucks with 7260 series driveshaft u-joints