QU50654 Front Wheel Seal for Vintage 4x4 trucks


QU50654 Front Wheel Seal for Vintage 4x4 Dana Front Axles is a simple grease seal that fits many 1960s-early 1970s vintage 4x4 with Dana front axles, Applications include many 1960s to mid 1970s Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, International and Jeep 4x4s up to 3/4 ton class. Most of these older vehicles have drum brakes, but QU50654 is also used on 1969 to 1971 GM 1/2 tons with disc brakes. Made in U.S.A. or Mexico.

Front Wheel Seal for Vintage 4x4 Front Axles
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tech note

More wheel seals are wrecked from poor installation procedures than from any other cause. Use QT1504 Seal Installer with a QT1100 series driver handle to seat the seal square in the hub bore, without damage. After the seal is installed, lubricate the seal lips with clean wheel bearing grease.

tech note

QU50654 Seal is a simple, single lip grease seal that is 1/4" wide. Many subsequent 4x4s used spring loaded double lip QU50091 Seal which is 3/8" wide. The inside and outside diameters of both seals are virtually the same, but hub seal bore depth and offset differences makes it inadvisable to replace early, narrow QU50654 seal with QU50091 late seal.

tech note

Ford made a front seal/hub design change midway through the 1969 model year. The 1969.5-1975 hub uses 3.3" diameter QU90001 Seal instead of 3.25" diameter QU50654 Seal. My 1964-1972 Ford Parts Book has the 1969 seal part number break point listed differently in the hub (to serial number F70000) and axle parts (to serial number F30000) sections. I believe the hub section is correct, but if your 1969 4x4 has a VIN between F30000 and F70001, you should physically verify which seal you need. The Break points are determined by the 1969 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
Use QU50654 Seal on F-Series and Bronco up to VIN F30000
VIN 30001 to F70000: Physically Identify Seal before ordering
Use QU90001 Seal on F-Series and Bronco from VIN F70001

tech note

For most Dana 30 & Dana 44 Brake Front Axle applications, the matching parts and tools are:
QU50447 Timken® Outer Wheel Bearing Cup
QU50448 Timken® Outer Wheel Bearing
QU50577 Timken® Inner Wheel Bearing Cup
QU50578 Timken® Inner Wheel Bearing
QK4727 Round, 4 Slot Spindle Nut Kit
QU90018 Protection Extended Service Premium Synthetic Grease ES Synthetic Wheel Bearing Grease
QT1504 Front Wheel Seal Installer
QT5500 Wheel Bearing Packer
QT1012 or QT1025 4 Lug Spindle Nut Sockets



1960-1971 K5/K10/K15 Blazer, Jimmy, Suburban, 1/2 ton truck

1969-1974 W100 1/2 ton truck with drum brakes

1959-1969.5 F-100
1959-1969.5 F-250 with standard Model 44 Front Axle
1966-1969.5 Bronco
1964-1973 1/2 ton

1974-1976 Cherokee, Wagoneer, J10 with drum brakes