QU90008 Gear Marking Compound


QU90008 Gear Marking Compound is used for checking the tooth contact pattern when setting up axle ring and pinion gears. Contents net wt. 3g. Made in U.S.A.

Axle Gear Marking Compound
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tech note

For best results, there must be some resistance applied to the differential and ring gear as you turn the pinion gear. For a rear axle, you can install the axle shafts and brake drums and lightly apply the parking brakes. For front axles, put a wrench on a ring gear bolt and apply pressure against the rotation of the gear.

tech note

Brush the Gear Marking Compound on both sides of several ring gear teeth. Rotate the pinion gear so it turns the ring gear several times in both directions. Check the contact pattern with the desired pattern show in a service manual or installation instructions specifically intended for the gear set you are using.


Universal for all Axle Gear Sets