QU90018 PP14 Pyroplex Protection ES Synthetic Grease


QU90018 Pyroplex® Protection ES Synthetic Grease provides extended service protection for all chassis, driveshaft, u-joint, and wheel bearing applications under the harshest on and off road conditions! This NLGI #2 GC-LB grease is Hydro-Activated™ to become tackier when exposed to moisture. Offers superior corrosion and wear protection in a variety of environments. Provides excellent low and high-temperature performance. Enhanced extreme pressure performance for greater load carrying ability. This is the grease we use in our shop. Made in U.S.A. 14 oz. tube fits all standard grease guns. (Cannot be Air Shipped.)

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One 14 Ounce Tube Pyroplex® Protection ES Grease
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tech note

This is my favorite grease to use on almost all automotive and agricultural applications. It resists water washout better than any automotive grease I have ever used, plus the synthetic formula provides long-lasting, high-quality lubrication for both high and low-speed bearings, shafts, and bushings.


Universal for most 4x4 chassis and power train components calling for a NLGI #2 EP Grease