S82194 Ultra Gray RTV Sealant


S82194 Ultra Grey RTV Sealant Of all the automotive RTV sealants, this is about the best we have found for both high adhesion and resistance to both conventional and synthetic gear lubricants. We use this on almost all differential covers that were originally factory sealed with RTV. 3.5 ounce Squeeze Tube. Made in U.S.A.

Ultra Grey RTV Sealant 3.5 ounce Squeeze Tube

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tech note

For RTV sealant to bond, both mating surfaces need to be clean and dry. All old sealant, oils, grime, cleaning compounds, and fingerprints must be removed before applying sealant. Most spray brake or electric motor cleaners will do a great job of cleaning, plus they evaporate quickly.

tech note

Adequate cure time is critical for achieving a good seal when using RTV. Most sealants require a minimum of 1 hour cure time to make any kind of seal. The longer you wait the better, overnight if possible especially when using synthetic gear lubricants.


Universal Application