TK10517 Double Lip Double Spring New Process Transfer Case Input Seal


TK10517 Genuine NPG Transfer Case Input Seal for many New Process aluminum case transfer cases plus cast iron, direct mount NP203 and direct mount, Large Bore NP205 Transfer Cases. Fits NP203C, NP205C, NP208C, NP241C, 32 Spline Input GM models behind automatic and manual transmissions. Ford fits NP208, 31 Spline Ford NP205 and NP203 direct mount cases. Dodge applications include NP208, NP231D, NP241D to 1993, and 29 Spline NP205 in 1989-1993 Diesel 5 SPEED trucks. This genuine New Process original equipment quality Seal is a double lip, double spring seal designed to retain fluids from either direction. Made in U.S.A.

Also see lower cost QU50461 replacement seal

New Process Transfer Case Input Seal
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tech note

If you are leaking transmission fluid into the transfer case, chances are your old input seal is worn out or the lips have hardened with age.

tech note

Remember to order the matching gaskets! You will definitely need the adapter to transfer case gasket when changing this seal.

tech note

Seal lips are factory pre-greased for initial lubrication.

tech note

Matching Parts for TK10517 Seal are:
TK50175 Input Bearing Retainer Gasket for NP203, NP205
TK10529 8 Bolt Hourglass Adapter to Transfer Case Gasket for 89-83 Dodge and GM to 1984
TK30052 6 Bolt Round Gasket for GM
TK20031 6 Bolt Round Gasket with Notch for Ford NP205
TK10519 6 Bolt Round Adapter to Transmission Gasket for Dodge
TK30036 6 Bolt Round Gasket with Notch for 1985-1991 GM NP205
TK20255 6 Bolt Round Gasket for Ford NP208
S9978 Threadlocker for Transfer Case adapter bolt threads

tech note

I highly advise applying S9978 Threadlocker on all 8 bolts inside the adapter to prevent oil seepage past the bolt threads.


Many New Process and New Venture Transfer Cases from 1973 to current